DELFI Marketing can take care of the publication of information about your company, its goals and its accomplishments while creating a favourable public image for it. Its multi-year experience allows DELFI Marketing to prove itself in the international market.

DELFI Marketing offers the following services:

  • collecting of essential information
  • searching for partners
  • assistance with company registration
  • legal checks of documents
  • assistance in finding investors
  • presenting information to potential investors
  • assistance in distributing investments and selecting profitable projects (including enterprises, real estate, land, banks and insurance companies)
  • assistance in the certification of new products
  • organization of conferences and meetings
  • translation as well as judicial and notary services
  • organization of expositions
  • patenting products
  • registration of trademarks
  • launch of new products in the market
  • accompanying VIP-individuals

DELFI Marketing guarantees professionalism and confidentiality. We will be happy to assist you at the right moment.

"We know what you need!"

DELFI Marketing